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Re: New UK (& Other?) Partwork - Official Star Trek Starship Collectio

Ok, issue 2, the movie Enterprise, just arrived.

And it's broken. The saucer section has completely separated from the rest of the ship and when you feel the different pieces you can see why. The saucer section is quite heavy and feels like its made of metal. The rest of the model weights next to nothing and feels like you could crush it in your hand.

(Sort of like what those aliens did in that episode where they turned some of Kirk's crew into little tetrahedron things and crushed the cute lady crew member. But I digress...)

So I've taken a photo and sent it to the customer service email address. We'll see what happens.

Any good points? Well, the engines are moulded in a transparent blue plastic and then painted over, so when you hold it up to the light the nacelles 'light up' quite nicely.

But at a RRP of 9.99 the quality and value for money is pretty rubbish overall. I'll stick with it until I get my dedication plaque and light-up Borg cube and then decide if I'm going to stick with it.
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