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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Ok, here's one… how do you know that on Cait, it's not the female that has to attract a mate rather than the male? Just because it's the male on Earth, doesn't mean the same holds true elsewhere.
It's not just about that. It's about display towards rival lions and rival predator groups. That aside, its testosterone based.
It's testosterone based in LIONS. On EARTH. Caitians aren't lions, and they're not from Earth.
Didn't we already go over this? I never said they WERE lions. I'm basing my gripe on what we do know of felines and convergent evolution, which in Star Trek, seems to be a big thing with regards to similarities between species.

And don't mention FASA; they mean less than nothing in a canon discussion. They are literally on the same level as citing our own forum posts as sources; whereas CBS has to sign off on major art decisions in STO, such as what Caitians look like.
I choose Option B: Don't tell me what I can or cannot do. I'll mention whatever I want in a discussion about "opinions" regarding fake aliens in a fake reality. The reason I mentioned the FASA book is because that is at least some form of written documentation on a species which otherwise has very little written about it, canon or otherwise, and in metioning TVH Sourcebook, was citing it in contrast to the theory the other guy offered which was based on nothing substantial that can be found in any sort of Trek lore (Re: "sensory organs interwoven/protected by hair, that need to dangle from the body.") Not once did I claim anything was canon, but go ahead and quote me where I did, and I'll be happy to address it.

Now, I like the concept of Caitians, but I don't think the idea of Female Caitians having a mane makes any sense, nor have I ever. It's a legitimate criticism since there are no explanations for it. FYI - It's actually OK to be critical of aspects of something you like and still be a fan. Being a fan does not mean you HAVE TO like and accept everything without question.

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