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Re: Star Trek: The Next Generation Blu-ray Audio Issues

Yeah, a one off cock up is OK, if unfortunarte. Optimum's release of The Avengers (as in John Steed) takes the biscuit for poor quality control. Out of seven releases (including the "Complete" series set and the solo release of the new bonus disc from it) only one didn't have some sort of problem with it.

Including- but not limited to- scenes being left out (or moved within the episode), authoring faults, the separate release of the extras disc being blank, some discs not playing on some episodes and, best of all, all the colour Emma Peel episodes having an audio fault that made everyone sound like they were on helium.

It was an impressive display really, almost as if there was some sort of bet going on at Optimum over who could get the most mistakes into a set.

And for every single one of those you had to send the afflicted discs off individually to the manufacturer and wait for them to send fixed ones back. I believe Legacy of Death is only avaliable without a picture fault in the complete series set and I don't think the flaw on that set with the extras disc (with a suttery picuture on the new locations documentary) has ever been repaired.
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