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Re: Farscape or Babylon 5?

I got my B5 season 1 DVD I've watched the next 2 episodes after the pilot

The Soul Hunter - This was a good episode. The idea of a race of aliens whose goal is to take souls is creepy enough, but when one of them goes crazy, its even creepier. I like how they dealt with him in the end.

Born to the Purple - This was an ok episode. I wasn't that interested in Londo's romance or the woman, but the episode had some good scenes, and the plot with Garibaldi and who was using the gold channel was interesting.

I also watched another farscape episode.

That Old Black Magic - This was a good episode, although I'm still a bit underwhelmed by Crais as a villain, or atleast his motivations. I also wonder why Chricton just snapped and attacked Crais near the end. It almost seemed like the writers realised that the reason that Crais was hunting John wasn't going to make him completely disobey orders and keep hunting John, so they wrote this episode and made John responsible for prolonging the chase. Still, I liked the episode and Maldis was interesting. I also liked seeing another side of Zhaan. I hope they go more into her backstory eventually.
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