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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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And you don't know what might cause it in alien species. It could well be that the females are the more agressive of the species, and therefore make such a display.

Lack of evidence != evidence of lack. Any scientist can tell you that. It might well be that nobody saw the need to come up with an explanation.
Hence my asking for an explanation. Lacking such, and based on what people know (or SHOULD know) about felines on Earth, I'm basing my assumption on convergent evolution. FYI - assumptions and theories don't always have accessible, living entities from which to draw a definite conclusion with regards to appearance and behavior. RE: Dinosaurs - scientists sure have a lot to say about them, don't they?

Fine - but I still don't think you can judge what would be viable for alien anatomy (male/female etc) based upon human anatomy.
Feline anatomy. And I absolutely CAN judge based on what is known.

There are just too many variables in an alien environment.
I don't think you can judge what would be viable for alien anatomy (male/female etc) based upon alien environment which you have little or no knowledge of - see what I did there? Don't be a hypocrite.

How do we know that there's not some natural substance on Cait that makes you more agressive/whatever, but which is mitigated by some male hormone (not necessarily testosterone)?
We don't. It has to be based on what we know of convergent evolution until someone gives an explanation which makes sense. That's what my theory is based on. Your theory seems to be "we don't know because we haven't experienced it 1st hand, so NO ONE can or should speculate."

I certainly hope you aren't a paleontologist.

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