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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

54. Seven Pounds: B
55. Hot Fuzz: B
56. Total Recall (2012): A-
57. Total Recall (1990): B+
58. Hardware: D+

From 1990 starring Dylan McDermott and Stacey Travis is a postapocolyptic film that on the tail end of the 80's has that theme that Nuclear World War III happened and this is what's left of society picking up the pieces. Where the prominent piece of legislation being touted in the film by whatever government is left is passage of a Sterilization Bill for population control and it will be mandatory. It's not even involved in the plot but in a 90min film is mentioned 3-4 times for some reason. Apparetly old age is now anything over 30 cause you die of Radiation poisoning but I guess the rad count doesn't sterilize you? OK I'll go with it.

I don't really want to spoiler code a 20+year old film that was likely DDVD even for it's time so......look away or read at your own risk.
The film is really at it's core a Terminator rip-off film. Dylan plays an ex-soldier(Moses or Mo) who's been let go but you don't find that out till the end. He still goes off, leaves his metal shop working artist girlfriend Jill(Travis) home cause he's to proud to tell her he was discharged. Anyway he comes across a guy whose just left the "No Zone" who wants to barter the parts to an unknown droid he found. This is part of a test droid with high assassination skills which is why no one recognizes it. He buys it, gives it to his girlfriend and the droids self sustaining power source enables it to reassemble itself from spare parts laying around and begins trying to kill everything in sight. End of Movie.

I tried to remind myself of the era it was done in but even for then it's a fairly bad blatantly obvious rip-off lower budget film of Terminator + maybe Short Circuit. Since in 1990 Terminator had yet to become the franchise we now know perhaps ripping it off was easy to do but they did it bad imo.
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