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Re: Star Trek Secret Voyage: E01 Whose Birth These Triumphs Are

Thanks everyone for the feedback. Yes, a learned experience indeed in the trenches. We have gleaned a lot shooting this episode and the sequel which were shot congruently over the past 14 months. We've tested various cameras and sound techniques which we are finally getting solid results (thus the changes in consistency). I am cleaning up the volume issues and attempting to get some better balance before posting on our webpage. We have had our challenges and will not place any blame on what did or didn't work but are excited to have our first installment out. We begin editing all the footage shot so far for episode 2 in the next week and a few additional scenes are left to shoot.

The current versions uploaded on vimeo and youtube were done extremely close the eleventh hour to make the Las Vegas Star Trek Convention premier. We are really excited to have the opportunity to promote this project at an "Official" Convention and thankful for CBS legal to give us their blessing directly. The first of many responses to this episode is overall very positive and we are encouraged to continue while determined to make the needed improvements necessary to secure a place in your hearts. As with any dream, getting others to adopt the same passion can be daunting, and attracting a certain level of skills and talent can be almost impossible on a volunteer basis.

I am thankful for the actors and technical people we did manage to enlist and their work has helped us get to where we are now. I am hopeful and confident that we have shown at least glimmer of the vision we have for this new series and the potential to make new and exciting action based adventures moving forward.

I would also like to thank James Cawley, Patty Wright, John Broughton, Neo/fx, and Alec Peters for their assistance and support on wardrobe, props, and encouragement. It is truly a great example of various productions working together and sharing resources. The community of fan films has been both generous and constructive and we welcome your insights and input. After all we all want more stories we can enjoy. If anyone with expertise on audio, editing, and vfx is interested helping us reach our goals you can email me directly at [COLOR=#0000ff][/COLOR]

Craig Sheeler
Executive Producer
Star Trek Secret Voyage
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