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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

Count me in as lost interest too. I flicked through Buffy #11 last week in the comic store, and looked at the last page... the big revelation was "we work for Wolfram & Hart."

...erm, we already knew that thanks to the solicitations and issue info. Rubbish. And then there was a big queue so I didn't bother buying it.
Enjoyed A&F #11, but I'd heard #12 was a letdown as well so didn't even looking for that.

With only 25 issues instead of s8's 40 you'd think things might actually happen sooner. The first 10 of A&F just seemed to keep going round and round with the same old schtick, and while I enjoyed Buffy s9 at first, the whole Buffy robot double thing was just awful.
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