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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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I must've missed it when Ant-Man was considered a team member of the FF.

I'm still missing out as I wasn't aware She-Thing was back, thought she was one of the few dead characters that was still dead.
Neither the CBR article nor the original USA Today one refer to the FF characters as having previously been members of the Fantastic Four, just that they were chosen by Reed Richards to be stand-ins for the Four and the Future Foundation while the Four and the kids are on their time-travel trip.

As for "She-Thing," the articles actually refer to her as "Miss Thing" and call her a new character. This previous one you've mentioned must still be dead, then.
She-Thing is Sharon Ventura who also was briefly known as Ms.Marvel, she briefly replaced Carol Danvers(while she was Binary I think).
Looking over her wiki it seems I'm recalling her Skrull double being killed, however, Sharon herself was recovered alive.
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