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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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Ok, here's one… how do you know that on Cait, it's not the female that has to attract a mate rather than the male? Just because it's the male on Earth, doesn't mean the same holds true elsewhere.
It's not just about that. It's about display towards rival lions and rival predator groups. That aside, its testosterone based.
And you don't know what might cause it in alien species. It could well be that the females are the more agressive of the species, and therefore make such a display.

Another: How do you know it's all hair? It could be sensory organs interwoven/protected by hair, that need to dangle from the body (eg because of bio electric interference).
That's an interesting theory, but nothing like that is even hinted at in either the show, or gaming supplements such as FASA's The Voyage Home Sourcebook.

Lack of evidence != evidence of lack. Any scientist can tell you that. It might well be that nobody saw the need to come up with an explanation.
I never saw a need to explain the biology of aliens. The fact that they're alien means they have evolved in a very different environment from us. Who's to say what kinds of features that would cause?
And that's perfectly fine for you. I personally like reading about and/or viewing aspects of alien anatomy since real explanations go a long way towards immersion. I've had this viewpoint since I first got Wayne Barlow's Guide to Extraterrestrials back in 1980, plus I work in the veterinary field and love biology.
Fine - but I still don't think you can judge what would be viable for alien anatomy (male/female etc) based upon human anatomy. There are just too many variables in an alien environment. How do we know that there's not some natural substance on Cait that makes you more agressive/whatever, but which is mitigated by some male hormone (not necessarily testosterone)?

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