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Re: Star Trek Secret Voyage: E01 Whose Birth These Triumphs Are

I second what Maurice posted - I wasnīt able to follow the story completely because I couldnīt hear what the actors were saying.

I did like the actors and their performance and I applaud everyone who tries to produce a full episode of trek - it is an awful lot of work, not only in front of the camera, but foremost after the actual filming. And there is what needs massive improvement for the next episode.

The editing was at times not that good, especially in dialogue, where sometimes very shot cuts were done that disturbed the flow.

The greenscreen work was pretty bad. Not only where the rooms lit to dark and different from the filmed elements, but the motion of the camera was not matched. If tracking this is too difficult, then just refrain from moving the camera - or just tilt the camera, so you can easily track that in a compositing software.

The visual effects of the Enterprise were pretty ok, but the shots on the planet need also major improvement. The phaser beams were much too slow and should be brighter than the environment.

The movement of the fighter (why this is a ship of the expanded Star Wars universe remains a mystery) was very jerky, especially in scenes were the camera moved. And what happened to the color of the clothes (especially the blue one) and the sky. They kept changing all the time...

What I liked was the castle and itīs appearance and the integration of the landed shuttle.

Iīm sure the rest can all be improved for the next episode.
I am looking forward to it...
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