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Re: Why is Nemesis hated so much?

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Honestly I believe that Nemesis is still ripped by fans because of it's box office gross. Had Nemesis doubled or tripled it's budget, fans would be kinder to it. Money can salvation the reputation of a poorly received film.
I could care less how much money it could have made. The standing script makes the Romulans look like idiots, then shoves them aside in favor of Kid Picard and some oogly-boogly Nosferatus who've NEVER been shown or even hinted at previously. And then there's the story...

Nemesis just has so many glaring flaws and cheap "rips" from other Trek incarnations which no amount of positive marketing can overcome. It's a sub-par movie, and the fans who are still down on it feel this way because they recognize it for what it's worth.
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