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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

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I must've missed it when Ant-Man was considered a team member of the FF.

I'm still missing out as I wasn't aware She-Thing was back, thought she was one of the few dead characters that was still dead.
Neither the CBR article nor the original USA Today one refer to the FF characters as having previously been members of the Fantastic Four, just that they were chosen by Reed Richards to be stand-ins for the Four and the Future Foundation while the Four and the kids are on their time-travel trip.

As for "She-Thing," the articles actually refer to her as "Miss Thing" and call her a new character. This previous one you've mentioned must still be dead, then.

Some quotes from the USA Today article:
[...] FF will get a new look and a new replacement Fantastic Four squad, with Ant-Man heading up Reed's Future Foundation and teaming with She-Hulk, the Inhumans' Medusa and Miss Thing, an all-new female character clad in a Thing suit of armor.

[The Family will] be gone for a year — which will only be four minutes in regular Earth time — and while there will be continuing plot threads, each issue will be a new adventure and new situation.

Ant-Man and his group stand guard for the four minutes, but nothing happens. Three weeks later, a one-eyed, one-legged, long-haired, half-insane, bearded Johnny Storm walks through the time gateway, shuts it behind him and says, "We can never open this door again."

Reed Richards reaches out to Scott Lang because as Ant-Man, he's scientific, he has things to prove, he's a family man and, because he recently lost his daughter Cassie, Reed feels putting this brokenhearted hero in charge of the kids in the Future Foundation will help him.

Sue wants a woman like Medusa who has a link to the Fantastic Four through the Inhumans but could also be a mother, a hero, a friend, a wife and "seemingly have eight arms to handle all these jobs at once," Fraction says.

She-Hulk has a pedigree with the team since she has been a member of the Fantastic Four, plus she'd be Ben's pick because she's "the one person he knew he could never lick," says Fraction[.]

"Strong guys are easy but you need more than just a strong guy."

Miss Thing is the most interesting choice because, as Fraction puts it, "Johnny spaces it because he's Johnny." She just happens to be a "Lohan-esque celebutante blonde" he's with the night before he leaves and she's thrown into the middle of this situation.

"She's the regular person, she's the human, she's the overwhelmed 'Whaaa?' of it all," Fraction says.
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