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I actually like Kai Leng, unlike A LOT of fans, but his racist angle was played down so much in ME3, dammit) so again, good to wait to hear from people ya trust before forking over dough if you're unsure.
Kai Lang showed up in Karpyshins last book, right? His first two books were solid. I have a hard time believing that he'd write a character as godawful as ME3 Kai Lang (I can't say enough bad things about that guy. It's like they were trying to make him the most annoying enemy ever).

Just as a side note, I'll buy Leviathan, Omega, and any other story DLC. I will eventually pick up the art book they released last year and I will also buy the next full game when it comes out in 3ish years. Once I have it, I will probably lose a month to six weeks playing it through 2 or 3 times in a row. They have me by the quads. At least until they screw up. More Grunt and Javik (possibly the best alien character of the trilogy) and Zaeed, and less Kai Lang and that doctor from Arrival.
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