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Re: So What Are you Reading?: Generations

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Finished A Time to Heal last night. Really enjoyed it, if after a while I started to not care for the supernumeraries getting mercilessly slaughtered. It just got be one of those don't get attached to anyone outside of the main cast books. The political machinations were quite interesting and played really well. Kill/Heal has been the best of the bunch for me, by quite a wide margin. Question: is it pronounced Tez-wah, Tease-wah, Tee-Zewah? My gut is the first one, but just curious. Now onto A Time for War, A Time for Peace. Is there a reason that this is a single volume? Seems odd to have a series of duologies and then end with a single volume.

As I'm close to finishing the TNG Movie Era, I jumped back to read some of the things I haven't gotten to yet. Mainly this is just short stories and comics, but there are two novels. TNG/X-Men: Planet X I'm holding out on until I finish the A Time to... novels as I got it too late to put into my chronological reading order. Double Helix: Double or Nothing I've heard is much more of a NF novel than a TNG novel and will wait to read it in proper context. However, after finishing Heal last night I went and read through a bunch of the short stories and comics I hadn't gotten to yet.

Short Stories: 'Til Death was a quite enjoyable read from Sky's the Limit, it doesn't 100% jibe with the A Time to... books, but it makes more sense after Heal as I thought it would, rather than after Hate as Memory Beta has it. A good Riker story, if it's a bit absurd. But it has the Fabrini who I love. Bedside Matters from Amazing Stories was a cute, quick story. I wish the story had a bit more time to breathe, but it's fun. I like the image of the EMH struggle to examine a cat that it put into my head. Then I finished up with The Captain and the King from Enterprise Logs. I must admit I really didn't like it, and really didn't see the need for it to be a Captain's Table Tale. As well, that type of structure got in the way of the telling of the story. Really disjointed and sloppy writing. I was surprised how close it was to what we know of Andorian culture that was extrapolated on after this story was published - though it differs quite a bit too.

Finally, I read two comics. Star Trek Unlimited #7 - Infinite Jest was a really fun story about the launching of the E-E under Jean-Luc where Q and Trelane interfere. Enjoyed it a fair bit. And then I read Star Trek Unlimited #10 - A Piece of Reaction which was good, but not great. Some art quibbles, but again just an enjoyable one-off for the TNG movie era and a fun sequel to a TOS story.
Good to see another chronological reader!

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