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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

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Actual space opera sighting: Clandestine!
SyFy has put in development Clandestine, a drama produced by Universal Cable Prods. Written by actor-writer Todd Stashwick and artist Dennis Calero, Clandestine is described as a swash-buckling space drama/adventure and revolves around mercenaries who masquerade as part of an Intergalactic fleet...The project stems from an option at UCP had on Stashwick & Calero's online comic Devil Inside.
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Who says HBO doesn't do sci fi?

Michael R. Roskam, who got a Best Foreign-Language Film Oscar nomination last year for his Belgian film Bullhead, is at the center of a new HBO pilot script order, one which teams him with Michael Mann and Breaking Bad executive producer Mark Johnson. HBO has ordered a pilot script for a drama titled Buda Bridge, a Belgian-set crime story that takes place in Brussels in the near future. It unfolds when a woman is found dead on Buda Bridge, which leads to a series of violent crimes and strange science that bring mayhem to the dark capital of the European state.
Hmm. I have a feeling that swashbuckling space opera is going to be more my kinda thing...
Both of them sound good to me. I've seen Stashwick in some good roles as an actor, but I have no idea what to make of him as someone behind the camera.
I like the idea of a sci-fi show set in Europe. It seems like most of that kind of stuff I've coma cross is set either in the US or Asia, or a Blade Runner/Firefly style amalgamation of the two.
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