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Re: zippers and carpet seams = new revelations in HD on TNG-R

Again, this isn't so much something that's been newly revealed in the HD update, but simply more noticeable: you can see that the static starfield behind the windows aren't just a big curtain behind the set, but are a series of walls/floors as you can see the corners and change in perspective/angle. This was most noticeable to me in the episode "Home Soil" when Riker goes to talk to the girl in her quarters, she's looking out the window and to her right you can see the stars all cluster together because you're now looking parallel to the side wall instead of perpendicular to the back wall. A similar situation in the same episode when Picard is talking to the terraforming crew in the conference room, you can see the difference between the stars on the floor and the back wall as the camera moves around the conference room.

Here's an SD cap from the scene:
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