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Re: Mass Effect 3

Geez, guys. I dunno, because it might add really cool gameplay and storyline interactions? Maybe it'll suck -- it's good to wait for reviews on things one's not sure about, of course! But I love the game enough to willingly make it as big as the DLC team is gunning for, with the obvious exception of if something winds up terrible somehow, because more replay value pays for that $10 price tag.

I guess maybe if you aren't planning on replaying the game even half as often as I am, then it makes a difference, but really, meta knowledge on ME3's endgame =/= reasons for Hackett, Aria, or anyone else to convince Shepard that Omega is worth taking a look at earlier on in the game. I know it's an exaggeration, but to me It's almost like saying, "I already bought Season 7, I already know how the Dominion is defeated, why should I buy Season 5?"

I mean, not to beat a dead horse (this argument's been going on across the fandom for months now) but Overlord -- it didn't do jack for ME2's ending, nor was there much insinuation that it'd do anything substantial at all for ME3.

Realistically, Shepard could have looked at the email for Project Overlord, ROFLMAO'd, said, "oh wow, Cerberus wants me to fix their problem? Hahaha, no." and walked away, you know! It's not until arrival at Aite that Gavin Archer explains "a technological apocalypse", yadda yadda.

Maybe some of y'all disliked or never purchased Overlord, in which case I'm barkin' up the wrong tree, but for my money (literally) I like it even more than LOTSB and get chills every time I reach its conclusion. Retake Omega might be that way, too, y'know. :P

Not to mention, going back to the meta knowledge argument for a sec, earlier-into-ME3 Shepards. I think all many of them would need to hear is, "something grimdark is happening down there at the heart of the Terminus, something involving Cerberus and something tied to the Reaper menace," and they'd jump. At least, mine would.

But yeah, I mean, I won't push anymore, I'm not marketing the damn thing or anything. I just don't see how a good time isn't worth the admission price...
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