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Re: NFL 2012 - Drive to Glory

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The subtraction of Mike Martz alone should add a few wins, as should a healthy Cutler. I'm looking forward to them getting back on track after last season's debacle.
Martz can go get fucked and die in a fire and I thank the Lord every day that he's gone, but I'm still concerned about Mike Tice. I don't think he'll be an utter dogshit moron of an offensive coordinator, like Martz, but I am kind of concerned that despite adding Jeremy Bates in a coaching role and the addition of Brandon Marshall, he may run a conservative, run-first offense -- not quite Ron "on third and 7, HB draw up the middle" Turner, but ... eh. Remember, this is the guy who put J'Marcus Webb in solo coverage against Jared Allen. The Bears didn't do much at all to improve the offensive line, and in fact they promoted the guy who did work to improve the line (following the annual Lovie intervention with Martz) to run the entire offense, meaning that his attention is now spread across multiple areas. I'm very interested to see what happens on offense. Webb is still the starting left tackle, Carimi is questionable ... it wasn't just Cutler getting killed, Forte was being some kind of wizard to perform like he did.

Defense is another story, since Urlacher has sat out practice for more than a week and Shea McClellin has been far from impressive in camp, and God knows what's going on in the secondary.

I think they can be a 10-win team, but my money is on the Lions winning the division, since the Vikings are a dumpster fire and the Packers need to blow up their defense, because Rodgers can't lead them to a billion yards per game forever.

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