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Re: Warehouse 13 Season 4 (discussion, spoilers)

Finally got caught up on all three episodes. Honestly, I haven't too impressed with the direction they've taken so far this season. There seems to be an overwhelming lack of focus. The writers fell into the same trap so many genre shows do: they wrote themselves into a corner last season without any long-term plan. So now they're stuck throwing stuff at the wall hoping something will stick.

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So let me get this straight. Brent Spiner's character is telling Artie, "You can never, ever use the astrolabe! Using it is phenomenally bad!" Qualified with, "But if you ever do use it, you have to use it a second time!"

Uh, what? You just said using the astrolabe is bad. Even if you go back and erase the effects of the first usage, you are using the astrolabe again. Maybe the unspeakable evil is only released on odd-numbered uses?

I'm also a little fuzzy on this whole notion of "no using artifacts" in general. Aren't the Tesla guns, the communicators, and some of their regular gadgets, classified as artifacts, or were made using artifacts?

I'm so proud of myself, though. I called both the Lovecraft thing, and the idea of connections between the assault victims, well before they were revealed.
This is exactly what I'm talking about. The whole astrolabe thing seems haphazardly thrown together with little attention to detail.

I think their intention is to ultimately make Brother Spiner the uber bad for the season, but since they had to do such a turnabout with the primer, they had to toss in all these red herrings.

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Tomorrow night, Episode 4:03 Personal Effects

Brian J. Smith guest stars as the team tracks down artifacts from Sykes' arsenal.

Good to see Stargate is getting in the action too. I'd hate to think Star Trek was hogging all the guest spots.

Well, there are only so many Canadians to go around.
Flanigan was in an episode very early in the series.

I've thought for a while that Shanks would make a great rouge Regent.

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one have a guess as to whom Artie was speaking at the end of the show? Do we seen/know of any other artifact hunters besides HG?
HG is the most obvious answer. She's the one mostly likely to do something a little nefarious without asking any questions and still keeping it on the DL.

Though since we don't know much about Murray's availability, it could be someone else.

I doubt it's Hugo.

I actually suspect it might be a new "old" agent. I seem to recall that picture Artie had way back in the pilot of his old team had five people in it. If we retcon backwards we get: Artie, Misses F., Hugo, McPhearson, and one other person. If I remember correctly (and it's been a while) the last person was a guy, so it couldn't be Vanessa.

It just seems like if they go the evil Artie route, having another agent from his past seems like the most likely route to take.
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