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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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I think the real weakness of the show and why it isn't doing too well in sales right now is because it's a bit too straight in its retelling of Yamato. Sure, it's got the robot tank dudes and the two classes of Gamilans and a few other things, but it's pretty much doing the same stuff the old show did without too much deviation. Once it starts separating itself from the original, we might see BD sales go up.

I do think some of the more 70s aspects like the music and the Yamato female uniforms should've been dialed back, but it's too late for that.

Sorry, but for me, that's one of it's main strengths - and were it diverging a great deal, I would not be ordering the discs at about $100.00 a pop straight from Japan (of course were they not sub-titled in english I wouuld have passed too).

I think they've done a great job updating the story while maintainuing the original flavor and intrent. I've always loved the original Yamato music, and had they changed that, it would have been a large minus as well.

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