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Re: zippers and carpet seams = new revelations in HD on TNG-R

I just noticed in Symbiosis, when Merrit Buttrick lets go of Jonathan after threatening to kill him and he falls down you can see the top back of his hair is VERY thin/balding. I didn't think Frake's hair was thin until way later in the movies.

Coming of Age and the device on Mordock's chest, I never realized how colorful the lights were or that the support rods were yellow and red.

The Binars heads are fairly colorful too, they looked more gray originally.

I have to say I was not much of a fan of S1 and never bought the DVD set,
partly because the episodes looked so dark and the color of the uniforms were more violet colored.
with these remastered episodes they are much more accurate to the rest of the show and
the dark seems to be much brighter some how.
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