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Now that Cerberus' plans have come to light, I have next to no interest in retaking Omega. I honestly thought out why Cerberus would want Omega and how that would further their own goals.

I even theorized that Cerberus' goal was not to defeat the Reapers, but to survive them. They wanted Omega and it's unique relay so they would have access to the center of the galaxy, an area of space that is only accessed by that one relay. After all, what is their number one goal? Human dominance. What better way to ensure that by taking a select group of humans to hide at the center of the galaxy, and wait while the Reapers wipe out every technologically advanced race there is? Once the Reapers are done, Cerberus will have 50,000 years to prepare for the next cycle and dominate any race that might become technologically advanced.

But instead of doing something dark and cold, we instead get the typical mad scientist plot "We can control them to do our bidding!".
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