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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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I think $100+ per disc of 2 episodes is also putting a lot of people off. That price is quite patently absurd. What do they think this is, the 90's, when people had a lot more disposable income to afford it? The story has always been strong and based on many reviews I've read about it, is not only faithful to the source material but in some ways noticeably better. My bet is on the cost. It's the only reason I haven't gotten the discs as soon as they came out and I wager 500 quatloos that many others feel the same way.
Well, that's a problem everyone in the west has already figured out. The problem is that (among other things) the people running the studios are depending on an ever shrinking amount of hardcore consumers in Japan to stay afloat, so they pump up the prices to absurd levels to get more money out of those people. Then they run into the problem that western audiences aren't so willing to pay outrageous prices for so little material, so they delay the Blu-Rays, withhold Blu-Ray rights, or charge Japanese prices and take fewer sales to prevent Japanese people from reverse importing Blu-Rays.

This podcast featuring a master's student studying the anime industry is pretty informative. For those who don't want to listen, the gist is that the Star Trek Terran Empire is more logical and efficient than the current Japanese way of handling their entertainment industry.
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