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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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^ I think the trouble with expanding the upper decks at Wrigley is related to the structural problems of the existing site. If they rebuilt it, they could get rid of all that.
The site is still terrible. This is what the team has to work with:

Any new stadium built by the Cubs would obviously be designed to hold a lot more than the 40,000 or so the current stadium seats -- but with the limitations of that site, the only way to do it would be to make upper decks so high that you'd be a mile away from the action (and then the rooftop owners would have kittens again). Parking is an absolute nightmare already, and so is traffic. The long and the short of it is that there's just no room to put a modern baseball stadium at the corners of Clark, Addison, Waveland and Sheffield. The Ricketts family needs to be scouting locations across the North Side (and around the suburbs, too) and make sure the stadium's done right. Sure, hang onto some classic pieces like the outside marquee and the scoreboard, but let Wrigley become a museum or a high school / college field, and let the Cubs enter the 21st century instead of feeling like they just went back to the minors. Wrigley is a piece of shit garbage scow that reeks of piss and stale beer.

And I doubt Cubs fans would put up with a stadium anywhere other than on that site, looking as much like Wrigley as possible. (Then again, Whitesox fans got over the loss of Comiskey, so I guess anything's possible.)
There'd be some pissing and moaning, sure, but it would go away pretty quickly. As long as those $9 cups of Old Style are flowing, people will show up.
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