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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Batman and Robin #12: As expected this issue pretty much sucked. There was a great conversation between Dick and Damian regarding him wearing the R and not having to work so hard to prove himself. The contrast between Dick and Bruce's methods handling Damian is quite the difference. The Robins group shot was awesome as was the final splash page with Batman leaping in the day time after defeating Terminus who attempted to launch a missile, I think Peter Tomasai must've been watching "Superman: The Movie" before writing this issue.

Batman #12: Who is Harper Row? Answer? One of my favourite new characters! This issue is an intermission of sorts prior to next month's zero issue and October's Death of the Family start. We're reintroduced to a character named Harper Row who was shown in the first issue of Snyder's run I believe trying to steal Brownies at a Wayne gala where Bruce was making his better Gotham pitch to investors. Harper is most interesting because as I started thinking...she's perhaps why DC Editorial has had it's position on Stephanie Brown. Is this character meant to be a new version? She also kind of reminded me a bit of Sasha Bordeaux and Barbara Gordon. Someone that became interested and started following Batman around. It was a good issue and Snyder obviously intends on having Row be a big part of his ever evolving and unfolding cast of characters.
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