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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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^ I love the old ballparks, and to see the last couple go away would be a shame. It's sad that more of them haven't survived this long.
Knock them down and make way for progress.
Agreed. If Yankee Stadium can go, any of them can.
I went to college near the old one. It was nothing to write home about, and you didn't get a sense of history as it was basically gutted and rebuilt in the 70s anyway.

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IIRC, the thing that derailed the new Fenway was that the Boston city council wouldn't let the Sox build it. The team wanted to build a new Fenway right next to a new Pats stadium (can't remember where, exactly).
That would be Foxborough, which would have been a horrible idea because the infrastructure barely can handle 8 Pats games every year. It's a tiny town, well off the the Interstate on residential roads, with limited parking, and no public transit other than the one special gameday train that has to go on side tracks and plods along at a snail's pace and has to stop while the engineer gets off and flips switches.

(I'm a batshit crazy Pats fan so I am familiar with the area and the problems getting to and from there.)
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