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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

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I'm well aware of that, as well as the fact they not even remotely REAL. The point was about explaining why a particular and specific Earth feline has a mane where ALL others do not. A female Caitian having a mane makes little sense in this regard based on REALITY. Of course, if you have a theoretical purpose to explain why a female felinoid would need a mane, I'd be happy to read it.
Because every single time we've ever seen a female Caitian in a Star Trek TV series or movie, she had one.
That's not an explanation, it's an observation. And as far as I recall, Caitian Females have only been shown in the animated series. Trying to link that cat thing from STV to TAS? Doesn't look like M'Ress has three bewbz in your pic, never mind the anatomy of the legs.

In either case, male Caitians also have "hair" options in STO. It's never been shown, i.e. the would-be Caitians in STIV have no "extra" hair.

So what's with the manes for any Caitian? Whether it's TAS or STO, it basically makes no sense.
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