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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

The final wave of the Vintage Collection features three female characters: Ahsoka the Padawan from The Clone Wars, Lumat the Ewok(the pink color scheme of her packaging also helps give her gender away ) and Aurra Sing the bounty hunter from Episode I. All three will sell well because:

1. They're three of the last twelve characters in the most popular line of SW figures since the eighties.

2. They're online exclusives and, so far, available only in entire case assortments. If you want the female characters you have to buy all 12. Even if you don't want the female characters you're still stuck with them. There are, as of right now, no announced plans to sell the figures individually so as to be able to gauge how popular a particular figure is.

3. They're part of a very limited production run. Boffo sales are a guarantee.

Makes me wonder how they'd do on store pegs at mass retail, though. Ahsoka? A surefire bet. All Ahsoka action figures seem to sell like hotcakes. Like the character or not, but she's damn popular with quite a lot of collectors and kids. Aurra Sing? Less so, but she's a Vintage repack of a figure that was originally a Walmart exclusive in less interesting packaging and packaging variations have a habit of selling well even if the figure inside isn't always the most desired or exciting character. Lumat? She's an Ewok. And Ewoks, in spite of the flak and jokes, sell pretty well. The Wicket and Logray figures in the Vintage Collection came and went pretty fast and didn't have much time to linger on the pegs.
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