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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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^ I think the trouble with expanding the upper decks at Wrigley is related to the structural problems of the existing site. If they rebuilt it, they could get rid of all that.

And I doubt Cubs fans would put up with a stadium anywhere other than on that site, looking as much like Wrigley as possible. (Then again, Whitesox fans got over the loss of Comiskey, so I guess anything's possible.)
Comiskey I was nearly as old as Wrigley too, but White Sox fans really are a different breed.

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^ I love the old ballparks, and to see the last couple go away would be a shame. It's sad that more of them haven't survived this long.
Knock them down and make way for progress.
That's the other side of the coin. Nothing lasts forever, and teams owe it to their loyal fans to give them a good experience, even if the team sucks
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