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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

OdoWanKenobi wrote: View Post
Female figures don't sell? Then why can't I find the 4" Black Widow anywhere?
Because they didn't make a lot of them. Usually there's only one to a case. And if someone gets it before you do, well...that may have been the one and only time that figure was there at that store.
Where's all the Madame Masques from Marvel Legends that should be warming the pegs.
See above response. But I did see one Madame Masque warming the pegs at my local Target. It's been sitting there for over a month now. Next stop: the markdown bin if it's not sold in the next several weeks (Target really doesn't like peg warmers).
cooleddie74 wrote:
Unless they're female characters from Star Wars. But even then the only female characters that sell like hotcakes are Princess Leia in a slave bikini or the ones based on the Expanded Universe(novels, video games, etc.), and then largely because they're EU figures and those always have much higher secondary market value than your average Luke, Qui-Gon or Rebel officer.
Hasbro still has collectors in mind (or at least partially) in that regard by making female figures at all for both Star Wars and their Marvel toylines.

When Hasbro tried to rebrand the 3.75-inch G.I. Joe line into the 8-inch Sigma 6 line during the mid 2000s, it was noticeably absent of any female characters (despite well-known ones like Scarlett and the Baroness appearing in the accompanying cartoon series). They actually did the same thing ten years earlier with G.I. Joe: Extreme--no female figures, despite having ones in the cartoon. Hasbro even skipped having any female figures in the G.I. Joe toyline that came immediately after the 2009 Rise of Cobra movie.

The short-lived A.T.O.M. cartoon series that aired on Jetix (formerly Toon Disney, now Disney XD) had a prominent female character, yet no action figure of her was ever made.

The live-action Green Lantern movie didn't have any female Lanterns in any speaking roles, but there were some in various background shots. Mattel opted not to make any, but did make some male Lanterns that were conceptual designs not actually used in the movie.
Being shortpacked or not carried forward in later waves and case assortments plays into that as well. Thinking it might be the only time you ever see that figure adds to the popularity.
Yep. Most stores will only carry one or two of them ever, so it's very much first come, first served. Everyone else, try eBay or an online toy store.
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