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Re: Total Recall - Reviews, Grading, and duiscussions, SPOILERS

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Most of the other technology displayed in the movie was pretty neat, like the "hand phones" that became smart-phones when pressed against glass. I can actually see something similar to that happening in the not too distant future.

The maglev cars were neat and probably the most "realistic" depiction of "flying cars" that are still automobile-like and not the slightly smaller planes "real" flying cars are going to be like. These "flying cars" were more like the mostly unrestricted flying ones depicted in most movies (like Back to the Future.)

But everything LoB said about "The Fall" is spot on. It just does not make sense when you think about it for a moment and especially when you "do the math" and know how the earth is made up. (As Lo said, the Earth isn't very "solid" it's pretty damn rubbery and flexible and changes dimensions depending on it's orientation to the sun.)

What's dumb is "The Fall" violates the common sense thoughts of "the easiest way is the best way." Or the old KISS method.

If you can send a building-sized structure through the planet and arrive at the other side inside of 20 minutes you've obviously some mad technology. Why go through the risk of such a system not to mention the over-design of it when it'd be much simpler to, I dunno, build a high-speed rail system across the continents and ocean(s) between Europe and Australia? If you can move a building at Mach 37 through 10,000 degree liquid rock I think sending a pressurized train at that speed across the surface of the planet (or even inside the mantle) shouldn't be that much more complicated.

Now, sure, your 8,000 mile trip just became a 10,000 mile one but some rough math tells me a 17 minute trip just became about 25 minutes long. Still faster than what it takes most people to get to work just from the suburbs to a city 20 miles away in rush-hour traffic. Obviously trains still work in the "No-Zone" including decades old underground trains that have been pressurized and even aircraft still work. So seems to me a very high-speed rail system would be a touch more practical (and realistic) to have instead of this "elevator through the damn center of the Earth!" thing.
I still say just build bigger and faster planes! Why are you laying any kind of tracks at all - along the surface or through the mantle - for an intercontinental, transoceanic commute? It's the worst kind of overthinking!
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