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Re: Futurama Season 7 Discussion Thread

Finally got around to watching some Futurama episodes.

- Six Million Dollar Mon
A little predictable, but still a great episode. Hermes really loses himself adding robot parts to 'improve' himself, even at the risk of losing everything. Zoidberg is a good friend, better than Hermes deserves. Another robot dies. First Calculon dies, now Roberto.

- Fun on a Bun
The age old question is finally answered. Who will win in a fight, cavemen or astronauts? It's cool to see Fry and Leela's relation progress. Fry gets to show off his fighting skills. I like Zap's line, "In the face of overwhelming defeat, let's call it a draw." Classic Zap. Nitpicking here, but couldn't they just resurrect him like in Rebirth?

Over-analysis of Futurama episodes

Hermes turning into a robot can represent multiple things. In the episode, he changes from human, to cyborg, and finally to robot. As Hermes gets more and more robot parts, he loses his humanity. As human society becomes more advance, we lose touch with nature. Cyborg Hermes say he is still human because he still has a human brain, and later goes out to replace it with a robot one. Sounds like the Terminator and the Matrix films. When robots, machines, or computer AI think for us, that's when we become too dependent on machines. And like that episode and those movies, we'll be in big trouble.

But it also can be a message about cosmetic surgery. I'm not talking about reconstructive surgery, but cosmetic surgery to look younger or more attractive. Botox, nose jobs, breast implants, etc. All these changes are supposed to 'improve' a person. A little may not be harmful, but too much, it is very harmful. We've seen celebrities and normal people with too much surgery. Some of them look terrible. Itís the same with Hermes. A chest harpoon is fairly invisible. Soon, he doesn't even look like himself or even human.

In Fun on a Bun, it's old vs new. Because it's new, it's automatically better. Some will think the new Oktoberfest is better as well as people in more advance societies are better, but that's not the case. While lots of new stuff is better, sometimes the older or classic is better. At the end, the neantherthals win the fight and people enjoy the 20th century Oktoberfest. Also, like previous Futurama episodes, cultures and customs change over thousands of years just like real life.

These are fun. Let's do more.

Remember the Thief of Baghead. Langdon Cobb's bag over his head represents a mask. When we see actors on screen, we don't see real them. We see the character they play. How they act are, for the most part, scripted. Cobb feeding off of admiration is really celebrities' careers depend of fans liking them. Bender trying to take a picture of Cobb's face is really the paparazzi trying to take a picture of what celebrities really are in normal lives. Disregarding personal privacy. The lifeforce being sucked out is just regular people losing a bit of our souls when we violate other people's privacy. Okay, I'll stop now for now.
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