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Re: sf/f TV development news - 2012

^^ Great artists are the ones that good artists steal from, because they're the ones who create original works. It's just that lesser artists outnumber the great ones by orders of magnitude.

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And since we all talking about RJDiogenes' artistic endeavors now, I'm curious. Where can I get a sample of your stuff and of course the first chapter is free, right?
Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately, there's no free chapters, but my e-book is only 99 cents; it's available for the Nook and Kindle. Also, if you search for "Rick Hutchins" on Google Books, you can see some excerpts from my paperbacks Large In Time, The RH Factor and King of the Zombies. My deviantArt and YouTube pages are free, of course, and the links are in my sig.

Self publishing is one of those areas that seem to be burgeoning in all directions now, parallel to YouTube and freemium games where the revenue stream is based in virtual goods. The problem for all such producers is exactly what you're running into - building awareness. As the corporate barriers for publishing books, games, etc fall down, the sheer volume of content creates another barrier - the need for filtering and matching content with a consumers' interests.
That's exactly it. Advertising is expensive and what I've attempted hasn't been worth the expense. Even the ad in Weird Tales didn't do that much. I'm thinking about trying a couple of other niche publications later this year.
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