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Vulcan Language Institute

Hi Everyone! I am new here but I already have an announcement to make!

After looking up the Klingon Language Inst, of which I am sure you are all aware of, it got me wandering "why the heck there is no V.L.I?" And as it appears, there was one but it disappeared in the abyss in 2008! The creator was nowere to be found and we were left with the "guide" found online and the stoogeek institute project, which is nor full nor exactly helpful (for those who would like to ACTUALLY learn the language)

Minutes after this horrifying realization, I registered a domain and began what soon will be the official site of V.L.I.!
- -

As it states in the description, hopefully I will be able to launch the site 1st of October. I want it to be the perfect place to interactively learn the spoken language, calligraphy, online dictionary, etymology, etc.

With time I also will provide weekly video lessons and v-logs because THIS MATTERS!

Anyways, this is it. Maybe this wont make a huge difference, it must become at least a cool contribution

Live long and Prosper!
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