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Re: They are going ahead with a Justice League movie

Call me cautious.
Directors have been handed comic book film reins before who had no more solid proof their resume had them ready for the task than Affleck does.

It's a fine line to walk though. You can look at majority of the successful films and say that a "fit" seemed obvious.
Singer on X-Men seemed good after great character ensemble with Usual Suspects and drama of Apt Pupil.
Branagh on Thor sounded great as soon as I heard it.
Johnston on Captain America.
Whedon on Avengers.

The only three that didn't immediatly sound right and turned out great were Raimi on Spider-man and Favreau on Iron Man. I really didn't look at Nolan's resume and instantly think that the guy who did Memento was a lock to give us great Batman films.

Tim Story on Fantastic Four was a mixed bag.
Ratner on X-Men 3 was questionable.
Mark Johnson on Daredevil and Ghost Rider were mixed results.

So Affleck on a JLA film....I'm iffy on the thought.
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