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Re: Project: Potemkin, a Star Trek Fan Film

That's an amazing coincidence! I've never seen anything like them before.

In all fairness, I had the original story idea come to me while driving across state to see my son's football game. We passed through an extensive bit of farmland, and occasionally you'd see a field with these giant orange pumpkins. That had me thinking that what if we had our landing party being chased by these flying orb things.

I turned the idea over to David Eversole, and somehow he came up with making them pyramids to make them even more alien. He completed the script, and we turned the idea over to Bill Walker to see what he would come up with. Bill created original artwork based on David's description, and I had Bill add some of the details such as the fleshy protuberances that appeared on each face. The faces actually glow eerily before the lightning bolt is fired.

While I concede the similarity, I can assure you that it was entirely coincidental.

You'll notice the characters running through a field of them. Those were made of varying sizes of 65# astrobright cardstock, and cut and folded.

Potemkin Pictures
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