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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

^ I love the old ballparks, and to see the last couple go away would be a shame. It's sad that more of them haven't survived this long.

But both Fenway & Wrigley are very possibly structurally unsound. I mean deep down structurally, even ignoring the falling concrete and such.

Short of stripping them down to the frameworks and treating and sealing that old metal, then effectively "rebuilding" them, there's no way to really make them new again. No matter how much remodeling is done.

At some point, they will have to be replaced or at least abandoned for the playing of baseball games.

I'd prefer the Cubs move to a new stadium somewhere in Chicago that has ample room (maybe back to the West Side?) and leaving Wrigley there as a sort of quasi-baseball museum.

The frickin' yuppies that live on the North Side are mostly johnny-come-latelys (compared to Wrigley Field), yet complain about the noise & traffic.

That Fenway idea should have been done.
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