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Thanks guys.
So now for some designs I created my self. I'm not extremely proud of this first one, but it's the first ship I ever designed, so it has a special place in my heart:

It's the "Apollo" Class Fleet Carrier, designed to provide fast repair and maintenance service to a fleet and its small craft. It primarily carries supplies, as well as a small flotilla of support craft. The saucer and lower hull can separate from the aft and top hulls if necessary as well.
Next up is a ship that is on practically the exact opposite end of the rediculousness scale: The USS Sirocco:

This design arose from seeing the cutter USS Frobisher, and seeing just how far I could push the design's size, resulting in basically a crew cabin sitting on top of a nacelle. I worked out that the ship would probably have a crew of anywhere from twenty to just ten.
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