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Re: Futureproofing (for viewing) the next Trek TV series

Well, I don't know much about the standards of movie recording and preserving, but an idea to make it future proof is to make the next series animated, or CGI animated. The reason is simple, if it gets cancelled and then revived 20 years later, you don't have to worry about the actors aging. In 10 years, there is no way you could ever bring back Jerry Ryan to do her roll as Seven Of Nine. And while males age more gracefully, beautiful males in TV shows typically are much older to begin with than the beautiful females. Also, if it were animated/CGI than if any actor died, quit, got fired, he/she could be replaced by someone with a very similar voice. We can easily identify different people by their appearance more so than by their voice, specifically because of the part of our brain that has facial recognition.

Any other future proofing I can think of is, write a good show that people actually want to see. Besides, what ever new gimmick comes out in 2050, will be an excuse to remaster something old and package it all over again instead of creating a whole new series. So remastering is a good sales gimmick. "See Kirk as you never seen him before, in 4D! And in neo color, with psycho-phonic sound!"

All attempts to upgrade and remaster something comes down to one principal only: high quality visual, high quality audio.
When you think about it, what technological feature have people always wanted out of their movies? high quality audio and visual. Give me a crisp colorful picture, and clear audio.

The only problem with a CGI series is, the cost would be outrageous, better to do animated.
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