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Gary7 wrote: View Post
Actually, I always keep a spare umbrella in my car, and keep one by the door on my way out so I remember to take one... if rain is in the forecast.
/nods agreement.

TIL that buying shoes on-line is a hit-or-miss affair, if they're a style you've never bought in person. Each shoe maker introduces its own subtleties to shoe sizes, whereby a good fit is not guaranteed just because the size matches what you normally wear.
True. Better shoe makers will tell you what last the shoe is made on. That way, once you know your size in that last, you can buy different styles of shoe from them without having to try them on in person.

thestrangequark wrote: View Post
Today I learned of the existence of fucking awesome aerodynamic umbrellas. I could sure use one of those. But with my habit of losing umbrellas, so I never spend more than $10 on one.
They do look awesome, don't they! I'm seriously tempted to add one to my rotation, for really stormy days. We don't get all that many of them, but it would be nice to have an option for when we do. Plus, I've always wanted a dark green brolly...

... plus, imagine how fast Mary Poppins could fly using one of those!

RevdKathy wrote: View Post
TIL that one should never mix bleach and toilet cleaner. Unless one wants to clear out one's sinuses and wash out one's eyes. (cough, sputter)
And they say you can't buy a fun home chemistry set any more...
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