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Re: What do want to see from a new series

In my opinion it doesn't matter what a new star trek is about or what it has in it, it's all about the quality of the writing.

Take Voyager for example, it was a great concept, that never delivered. Somewhere between Berman and Braga, the majority of the stories fell short of being worthwhile, and there were no story arcs. This would have been "the" series that should have been one long story arc, instead the rest button was hit after every episode.

There was so much potential in Voyager. I think after the first season there should have been a mutiny that put Chakotay in charge for Season two, but control was retaken by Janeway in season 3. A few more threats of mutiny to heat things up. And for crying out loud, considering how Janeway kept them stranded time and time again because of her principals, you'd think a mutiny would be unavoidable.

Then there was Enterprise, a Berman and Braga creation, and it was the perfect direction for Star Trek. We've seen the highest platue of technology and technobable from Voyager, it only made sense we got old school and went back to basics. So what better than a pre-Kirk era show? and what better than a show about the first Enterprise?
Brilliant move, great concept, so what went wrong?

I'll tell you what went wrong, the writing. A few good stories, and that's it. A timporal cold war plot that wasn't thought out, a Xindi story arc that was written so poorly that it just dragged on forever, the under-utilization of characters other than Archer, T'Pol, and Trip.
And of those 3 characters who ate up all the dialogue, T'Pol was annoying. Some people wanted to blame actress Jolene Blalock, but it wasn't her, it was the character, plain and simple.

Enterprise was a failure. It only survived past season 1 because it carried the Star Trek name. far better shows have been cancelled in their first season.
Had Joss Whedon and Michael Piller been the show's primary writers, Enterprise could have been the most successful Star Trek of all.

So no matter what things exist within the next Star Trek series, it's all about the quality of the writers, and the budget it's given.

Speaking of things like budget, ratings is something to think about. If a new Trek series comes out, and it costs 3.5 million per episode to produce, scores a 5.0 in the ratings, and it is competing with reality shows that cost 0.5 to 1.0 million to produce and averages a ratings of 2.0, the reality shows might not be a big hit, but are super cheap to make, the new Trek won't be worth it's cost.

A shows success as to whether it gets cancelled is based so much on cost, ratings, time slot, and size of the network it;s on.

So what a new Trek is going to need is good writers, the right time slot, the right budget, on the right network, if it is going to be both entertaining and stick around.
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