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Aliens: Colonial Marines - videos, news, etc. until release

Aliens: Colonial Marines comes out next winter but there are a couple videos. One new one this week with Most of the Gearbox senior design crew interviewed in the video with new in-game footage cut in.
new featurette (August 7) video running 3:06 length
Aliens: Colonial Marines Exclusive Xenos vs. Marines Trailer [HD] (skip the first 29 seconds of logos)


and the 1:10 cinematic trailer
Exclusive Aliens: Colonial Marines Cinematic Trailer

the plot?
In ACM, players lead a group of highly trained United States Colonial Marines as they board the ostensibly deserted U.S.S. Sulaco to uncover the fate of the crew. 

If you've wanted to revisit the Sulaco here's your chance to walk around.

The game goes live February 12, 2013 for the PS3, Xbox 360 and PC - with a Wii U version expected at unspecified future date. 

the official Colonial Marines site:

I'm surprised I couldn't find a thread on the Gaming forum for this highly anticipated game. A FPS with the scares of the 1986 film.
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