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Re: Vids: Enterprise-F HD (and CrossOver Prologue)

I really like most of the HD video, the camera angles and general direction were interesting and showed off the ship nicely, if a little derivative of the stuff seen in the last movie. It all flowed nicely and showed off the ship from a variety of angles. I think calling it HD is a bit of a push though. Also the model didn't stand up to close scrutiny in some of the shots, looking too like a low poly game model rather than cutscene or TV quality. Still, lots of work on show there and looked great.

As for the game video, again the visuals are very nice and I particularly liked the spinning crash of the ship and the particles streaming off it. Some nice work with the fade into the future stuff on the planet too. Not so sure about the dialogue though, that could use a polish, and it looked like the moon at the start was revolving around something other than the centre of the planet. Was that meant? It's an interesting premise though, cant go wrong with ancient races and warring factions fighting over resources, which is why it's the basis of so many games. With something like this you might want to keep exposition and lore as loose and vague as possible to give you lots of wriggle room. There's no harm in keeping people mystified or baffled for a time, the only crime in story telling is to bore them.
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