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Re: The Maquis or the Federation?

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If the treaty was signed before discussing the issue with the various colonies ...
NECHEYEV: An Indian representative was included in the deliberations of the Federation Council.

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It always came off as they were settled there before the worlds became disputed.
NECHEYEV: ... settled there only twenty years ago, and at that time they were warned that the planet was hotly disputed by the Cardassians.

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Hell, let's imagine the United States ceding Maine to Canada without the input of anybody within Maine.
A better example might be the Columbia/Oregon territory dispute between America and Britain. Beyond the Rocky Mountains the British wanted the Pacific region down to the 42nd parallel, below which was Mexico. America want up to the 54th parallel, (5440 ) above which was Russia. After the threat of war, a treaty was sign establishing a boarder at the 49th parallel.

The treaty was a compromise.

America and Britain both claimed, and wanted the entirety of the disputed area, neither had control over it. America citizens and British subjects who found themselves on which ever side of the boarder had the option of moving or staying.

The impression I have from the episodes concerning this subject is that neither the federation, nor the union formally possessed the disputed region, it wasn't actually inside the federation, but was just beyond the federation's established boarders in that part of the galaxy. In colonizing the planets in question, the colonists had move just outside the federation. Hoping perhaps that the federation's boarder would be one day extended to encompass their new worlds.

After fighting over the disputed region for over two decades, and realizing that neither could win the area in it's entirety, the federation and the union divided the area between them. It wasn't that the federation didn't try to gain the space in which the colonies were located, they simply couldn't, it wasn't going to happen.

Neither federation, nor the union "ceded" anything, it was not theirs in the first place. They divide up a unincorporated portion of the galaxy.

The union lost colonies too. By staying on the worlds, which were then inside the new boarders of the Cardassian union, the federation colonists were voluntarily emigrating into the union.

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