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Re: Space Battleship Yamato 2199

Wow, I didn't know that there was still an anime watching contingent here. I still remember making the cheapo season threads awhile back. (Is there still a general anime thread lying around here?)

I just got into the series a week ago and I'm loving it. It's really the science fiction show that I've been looking for ever since BSG didn't pan out in season 4.

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With individual BD prices ranging at about $100 each online, I REALLY hope that if the whole series is ever released in one boxed set, it won't cost $1000+. I think I would be really sad if that were the case.
Your only real hope is that someone in America licenses it. But with the way Japan is going with licensing rights, you might be lucky to even see a BD copy here.

It's rare for a series that is released individually to get a boxed set. That's typically reserved for special/popular shows.

Then again, this whole deal with releasing the shows in movie theatres before selling them on disc is a new concept to me, so who knows what will happen.
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