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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

117. Total Recall [1990] (B+)

Total Recall [1990]: Finally, a home video release of this movie that doesn't look like it sat in a muddy driveway for a few months before getting to me! It's not Verhoeven's best sf work -- Starship Troopers and RoboCop are better -- but it's a solid movie. The media is less emphasized than in either of those other sf films, removing some of the satirical bite, but it still manages to be quite smart. I've seen it argued that there's conclusive evidence that Quaid is -- and isn't -- dreaming most of the movie, but the reality is that there isn't a definitive answer. The movie is all the better for it. At first, Arnold might seem woefully miscast in the leading role, but I'm glad he ended up in the film instead of someone more...well, dramatically capable. It lends the proceedings a lighter touch that's a welcome departure from movies of this sort. And it never hurts a film to have a terrific Jerry Goldsmith score behind it.

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