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Re: Movies Seen in 2012

The Watcher - DVD
Silver Bullet - free admission
Logan's Run (1976) - DVD
17 Again - DVD
Total Recall (2012) - free admission
The Queen of Versailles - free admission

My only excuse for watchin' 17 Again is that it only cost three bucks at Wal-Mart. And, honestly, it wasn't a bad movie, but it didn't really bring anything new to the table, either. Middle-aged Matthew Perry is disappointed with how his life turned out & gets a chance to do it over again, and turns into Zac Efron.

Got into the Total Recall remake before my shift at work today. Not the best thing ever, but I was able to shut my brain off 'til a particular bit durin' the big finale sequence...won't spoil it, though.

Went to see the TQoV documentary after work tonight...what starts out as a look at a successful Florida businessman & his spouse and their construction of the largest private home in America turns into a look at how the other half lives durin' the financial crisis. Yes, his company takes a hit, and they apparently have to cut corners, but even towards the end of the documentary, she's shown gettin' botox & laser hair removal done. Wish I could be that kind of broke...

I started to watch The Jensen Project, a made for tv movie/backdoor pilot featurin' LeVar Burton, last night, but didn't finish it. I've also got a plan to see Ruby Sparks some time this week, too.
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