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Re: TNG era episodes into movie transitions idea..

And the fear of the TNG movies being too involved with the TV series proved to be a mistake.

After all, the one truly successful film in the TNG movie series --First Contact ---positioned itself as a sequel to its most popular two-part episode, BoBW.

The TV series was a very good and popular show. They should have utilized it as an asset instead of running from it. It wouldn't be hard to fill in the general audience with brief snippets of backstory while still delivering a good movie.

The TOS movies constantly referenced and based story arcs from their TV series. Not only did they do that, but the original crew also evolved as characters throughout their movies. Things changed around them and in their lives and they adapted to those changes. It made that film series more realistic and more enjoyable.

We never really got that with the TNG characters in the films. Trek's leaders simply weren't as confident in TNG on the big screen as they should have been. They tried to play it safe, when they should have used the TV success and popularity to boldly go.
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