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Re: My first voyage with Voyager


What an awesome opening! This was easily my favorite introduction to an episode. I am really impressed on how they filmed the opening scene. Showing the crew through the eyes of the robot (as the camera) was brilliant. It was a different way to visualize the crew, and the part where the robot looks at their screens to see itself being “operated” on was rather dramatic. I do have to say though, I hate when the credits role and I see the Doctor’s name, “Picardo”, because it always makes me miss Captain Picard!

B’Elanna is dead set on fixing the robot and refuses to sleep until she does. I love how she verbally spanks Kim when he tries to argue that he can stay up if she is staying up. She even makes a sly comment about Star Fleet, ah, B’Elanna, how I love her sassy ways! While B’Elanna is running through every perceivable way to fix the robot Neelix cuts her off from coffee and gives her a good piece of advice about working while you are too tired. What a great morale officer, he always has a quirky piece of knowledge to share with anyone who is willing, or not willing to listen.

After taking Neelix’s advice to sleep B’Elanna wakes up with a brilliant idea and rushes to speak to the Doctor. I like it that she shows up in her pajamas. Her character is so reactive I wouldn’t have believed it if she changed first, or if she would have said goodbye or thank you to the doctor before rushing out the door once she had her idea.

After B’Elanna successfully fixes the robot it kidnapped her, brought her to its own ship, and attacked Voyager. B’Elanna barters with the robot that she would “fix” one of their design flaws if they stopped their attack on Voyager. While speaking with the robot she talks about DATA!! Data is my favorite Star Trek character of all time, so even the mention of him makes this episode better!! It turns out the robots are in the middle of a Civil War of some sorts and are responsible for killing their own builders because the builders tried to turn them off. The flaw B’Elanna fixed was a restrictive measure to stop “procreation” that the builders put in place. Once B’Elanna realizes what she did she terminates the robot she built a prototype for.

Favorite part: The writers did a great job with B’Elanna’s character this episode. They showed her intelligence, her rashness, and her brazen opinions on Star Fleet. This was easily the best B’Elanna episode thus far.

Least favorite part: Janeway and B’Elanna’s discussion on the Prime Directive. I feel like they have already broken the Prime Directive a number of times at this point, and I don’t understand why Janeway is so reluctant to be of some assistance. To some extent, I think the Voyager has to break the Prime Directive at points in order to survive on their own while they are lost in space.
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